Professional Services

Workforce Augmentation

Offers flexibility and agility to businesses nationwide, allowing them to adapt to changing market conditions, project requirements, and resource constraints.

By leveraging this strategy organizations can access the skills and manpower they need to succeed while optimizing costs and minimizing risk.

Field services

Professional services play a crucial role by providing expertise, guidance, and support.

The Professional services Group can provide Nationwide Field Services support.

Consisting of highly skilled Certified Software Specialists, Technicians, Trainers, and Project Managers, our Professional Services division can handle a wide range of programming needs on a myriad of systems and solutions.

Implementations, Resident technician contracts, Break/Fix MAC work, PSG is a one stop shop for all your programming requirements.

We have built a reputation on providing best in class service to the Business Partner community based on trust and integrity.


Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling support various communication technologies, including voice, data, video, and other multimedia services, over a single integrated platform.

The structured cabling system

The structured cabling system is designed and installed according to industry standards (e.g., TIA/EIA-568), which ensure compatibility, scalability, and reliability. Structured cabling involves the installation of cables (such as twisted pair copper cables), connectors, patch panels, and other network hardware in a hierarchical and organized manner.

Key components of structured cabling

Key components of structured cabling include the main distribution frame (MDF), intermediate distribution frame (IDF), horizontal cabling, backbone cabling.

  • Fiber Optics
  • Voice / data / Video

Project Management

PSG Project Management team supervises and coordinates professional, technical, and non-technical staff by establishing performance measures, goals, objectives and priorities, providing direction and feedback, and ensuring assigned projects/tasks are completed accurately and by the specified due date.

By developing project schedules and processes to ensure user satisfaction, project continuity and the timely delivery of services, PSG can keep your project within timelines and budget.

The team will also prepare regular progress, project status and problem resolution reports during the implementation.

Having PSG manage your project takes the everyday ins and outs of a project off the business partner and allows you to go and sell more!


Our experts can provide proper training based on applications that are associated within the system. Tailored classes to fit the needs of the end user will be rolled out. PSG can run one on one training sessions, or for larger deployments, can do scheduled classroom settings with groups.

At the end of each training, the administrator will be proficient to make any necessary changes as it relates to their business. In addition, our training experts will customize end user training based on the specific features administered during system installation. Therefore, end users will be able to fully utilize every feature assigned to them.

Our training includes side by sides with receptionists, or main console users to ensure proper transfer and receipt of calls so as to make the transition to the new solution as seamless as possible to the end user’s business.

Contact PSG today to outsource your training needs!

PSG represents your organization in the most professional way possible

Whether you would like us to own the entire project or just assist where necessary.

Our goal is to act on your behalf, offering a single source of support for installations, project management, training, software support, professional services, wiring, and MAC work requests.

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